R CITY Programs build skills and link children to the relationships and resources needed to walk from cradle to career.



After-School Enrichments


img_3413For up to 20 hours weekly, 75 junior high students and K-4th siblings enroll in classes that cultivate their academic enrichment, creative thinking, physical exercise, and socio-emotional development.

Classes include:

  • Ultimate Battle: Youth earn tournament points upon completing homework assignments and other academic activities.
  • Artist Studio: Youth create both group and individual art projects.
  • Music Studio: Youth build foundational music skills, both vocal and instrumental.
  • Hoops for Heart: Youth engage in team-building skills through basketball.
  • Kids Korner: Younger siblings grades K-4 gain academic support and lots of fun.




All R CITY After-School youth gain greater access to nutrition, receiving two mealtimes each day of programming. Programs are also punctuated with visioning field trips, expanding our students’ world outside their immediate neighborhood and lifting our students’ sights to their next phase of life.



Leadership Training

Young Leaders Cohort: 12 junior high youth design programming for their peers (Advisory Council), engage with mentors, learn leadership skills, and attack every barrier that challenges their identity. Students within the Cohort also gain in-school support to achieve their goals of on-track, on-time 8th grade graduation and acceptance into a high-performing high school.

Master’s Classes: 12 students grades K-8 showing exceptional talent and motivation in our after-school enrichment programs gain access to biweekly Master’s Class. Here, talented professionals provide semi-private instruction in their field and disciple youth in leadership development.



Apprentice Experiences

R City’s Apprenticeship program empowers high school students and young adults through job skills training by engaging them in paid internships during after school program hours. While we now offer a limited number of apprenticeships–generally 3-7 per quarter–we aim for future expansions to address the limitless need for youth employment.

Major apprenticeship expansion is planned for Fall 2017, when we launch our Harambee program. Within Harambee, youth ages 12-18 are trained in the skill of tuckpointing, preparing them not only for union trades careers, but also for hard work in any field. 

Help us make this innovative expansion possible. Give to the Harambee project!


15741249_410290009317702_7216574981908417261_n (1).png

Scholarship Fund

To date, seed funding has been invested into a Scholarship Fund for youth from R CITY and its connected congregation of River City Community Church. As R CITY programs build along the cradle to career continuum, we look forward to offering scholarships to alleviate the financial hurdles to college, that final pivotal step into many careers.


For more information on any R CITY program (or to schedule a site visit to see for yourself), please e-mail the directors.

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